About Us

The aim of the WasteSpec is to provide clients with a proposal that offers a conclusive onsite waste management assessment, which will include a complete review of the current handling of the waste within each area of each site.  The intention is to carefully propose a unique and tailored waste management and recycling system, which will fit the operation of each individual business.

It is important the onsite assessment is carried out with the key stakeholders, as this is a critical part of the process that will ultimately provide a successful outcome in the redirection of waste to beneficial reuse options.
With the introduction of the carbon tax effective the 1 July 2012, there has been significant increases to the disposal charges surrounding general waste, in particular food waste.  WasteSpec is not a waste company, we concentrate on diverting waste from landfill, and establish an avenue to deal with recyclable type waste streams and redirect to beneficial reuse options.

WasteSpec has access to the latest technology and systems that will enhance the processing of all types of recoverable waste streams in a simplistic and effective manner, that will ultimately reduce disposal charges long term.